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Have the peace of mind of pre-arranged ground transportation at your destination. Book your taxis or transfers at 27000 locations and 3500 airports across 157 countries * Offerings include wheelchair accessible vehicles

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* Fixed rate for any address within a city * On time pickup * Free wait time for delayed flight * Meet & Greet with a nameplate sign * Luggage assistance

* Rates include transportation, assistance with luggage and fee for any local toll roads * Meet & Greet with nameplate * Free cancellation 48 hours before transfer * All major currencies

Free cancellation or changes one day before trip * Fixed price not affected by traffic jams or weather * Phone support * Luggage assistance * Meet and greet with nameplate * Pay online or cash on-site

* Wide range of private and shared vehicles, including airport taxis, shuttles, minibuses, luxury limousines, wheelchair accessible vehicles, electric cars and even helicopters

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